2020 SLYE Youth Council Members

SLYE Youth Council Junior Leader

Heidi Jiang

Hi! My name is Heidi and I’m in grade 12. I enjoy playing sports, baking, playing Delicious World and watching Netflix in my free time. I have a cat that I love dearly but does not show the same love back to me. I’ve been a part of SLYE for two years. I joined SLYE because I love volunteering and gaining new experiences and skills and I definitely do not regret it. I had been exposed to so many unique opportunities that I never would have even thought of had I not joined this council.

SLYE Youth Council Junior Leader

Molly Chen 

Hi there! My name is Molly and I am a current Grade 12 student in the TDSB. When I'm not doing studying or volunteering, you can find me graphic designing (editing videos especially), hanging out with friends, or participating in case competitions!

SLYE Youth Council Associate

Jina Qi

Hi! My name is Jina and I am a grade 12 student in the TDSB. I am currently obsessed with My Hero Academia, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and food! I especially love the noodles and skewers from Magic Noodles (not sponsored) and I recommend G.I. Ju with extra spice. I've been a part of the SLYE Youth Council for a year now and I've received numerous opportunities to expand my skill set and to network with others in the community. I've also had a lot of fun this past year with everyone on the council and I find myself looking forward to the Thursdays when we meet. 

SLYE Youth Council Associate

Karen Eng 

Hi I’m Karen! I’m in my senior year of high school. I love to eat, watch Netflix, play board games and socialize with friends in my free time. I’ve been with SLYE for a year now and it’s given me a lot of great opportunities to network and gain new skills!

SLYE Youth Council Associate

Jamie Tan

My name is Jamie and I’m a grade 10 student at Dr. Norman Bethune. I like going to the gym and reading books. I also play the piano and enjoy watching Netflix movies with my friends.

SLYE Youth Council Associate

Selina Tran

Hi, my name is Selina. I am currently attending high school and am in the ninth grade. This is my first year with SLYE. I applied to SLYE because I wanted to learn from others and better contribute to the community. My journey with SLYE has been one filled with good memories and laughter and hopefully I get to create more life-long memories with the group.

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