Latest Event

Better Me

February 22 2020

The SLYE Youth Council hosted Better Me, an

event revolving around healthy eating, body

image, and mental health, three topics we

believe are important topics to inform youth in

our community about. 

The first half of the day was filled with workshops. Our first workshop focused on healthy eating. Youth learned about different butter substitutes to use when baking. They were able to test out the substitutes in an oatmeal raisin cookie recipe. Our other two workshops were geared towards mental health and de-stressing. At the yoga workshop, an instructor came in and took the youth through a relaxing 45-minute yoga session. In the last workshop, youth got to make stress balls and paint. We wanted to do this workshop as it was less guided and allowed youth to show their creativity.

The afternoon portion of the event was dedicated to fun activities with a bit of friendly competition to educate everyone on topics including, healthy eating, vaping, stress management and mental health.

The day ended with dinner, many gift cards won and a lot of new knowledge gained.