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The Roadshow is a youth outreach initiative that takes place in Toronto (Downtown, York, East York, North York, Etobicoke, and Scarborough) high schools during the spring and fall, and in community spaces (malls, community centres, etc.) throughout the year. The Roadshow consists of a series of outreach events that connect thousands of youth with essential programs and services (health, employment, volunteering, education, recreation, arts, scholarships) being offered in their community.

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The Roadshow is led
by youth! Our youth team runs workshops
for hundreds of other youth who connect thousands of their peers to essential services.

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To ensure equitable access to services,
the young people organizing and running the Roadshow have diverse experiences and backgrounds.

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We meet young people in their space and we engage them in the Roadshow outreach events using games, prizes, food, music, and performances.

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We evaluate our initiative using a contracted evaluator to ensure that youth are meaningfully engaging with services and their communities.


We would love to see an increase in community engagement and equitable access to services for all youth in Canada. Therefore, we have created a free online learning platform that can be used to replicate the Roadshow. The platform will provide tutorials and templates that can be used and adapted to fit the needs of each individual community.

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